Ownership and History

The Farmers State Bank traces its roots back to 1905 when Joseph Kious, grandfather of Brookston philanthropist Juanita Waugh, founded the Bank. Her father, L.A. ‘Sag’ Waugh, sold the bank to the Garrott Family in 1945, with John F. Garrott serving as President, and his father, State Senator I. Floyd Garrott, Chairman. Current Chairman Floyd H. Garrott and his cousin, Nola Gentry, Director, are the third generation from their family to serve our bank community.

The original bank offices were on Railroad Street in Brookston between Third and Fourth Streets. At some point the bank was relocated into a new building at 111 West Third Street, where the Wolfe House Hotel once stood. Even with expansion into the adjoining building to the east in 1968, technology advancement in the industry made the Third Street buildings obsolete. In 1980, the Bank moved its offices to the present location at 309 South Prairie Street. The original vault door was moved to this location and continues to be used every day.

In 1987, the bank opened a second office in Battle Ground, Indiana. The building, now a historically registered landmark, was home to the Battle Ground State Bank in the 1930s. The Farmers State Bank has restored this branch to its 1930s appearance and offers tours throughout the year to customers, visitors, and school groups.

With its roots reaching deep into Indianas history, The Farmers State Bank moves forward while continuing the tradition of remaining a true community bank. We continue to invest in our communities and take pride in offering personalized service which has been lost in todays world of convenience. The notable story of The Farmers State Bank is about the people Customers, Shareholders, Employees, Officers, and Directors who have worked together since 1905 to keep the bank growing and strong.

We are proud to be an important part of the foundation of the communities we serve, and look forward to the potential of continued success and growth. In 2015, The Farmers State Bank will celebrate 110 years. We hope you will share in our observance of this milestone and thank you for being a part of our abundant history. We wouldnt be here today without you, your loyalty, and your business. Our legacy is you.

About Us

Floyd Garrott
Floyd Garrott, Chairman

Nola Gentry and Lori Heath
Nola Gentry (left), Director, and Lori Heath, President